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All ages are encouraged to submit their poems and stories.

No matter what age  - the young and not so young....

 are welcome to share their gifts of creative writing with us.  


Your poem or story can be about ANYTHING - let your

"heart" inspire you!  


If you prefer to submit your work using a creative name rather than your own please create a name that you will wish to use each time you submit your poems and stories - thank you.


(If you wish to send us a photograph or drawing of your pet or a place you love which reflects your poem or story we will be happy to publish it as well. Write to us by using our Contacts Page and we will contact you with instructions for sending your photographs to us).  


We have also shared photographs on this page with you of scenes of Scotland to help inspire you 


Have fun writing your  short story  or

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Panetta Healing's 







Power of Eternal Love

Share the wonderful Journey of Eternal Love between Liz of Panetta Healing and her 2 canine friends Molly & Flossie. There are 31 photographs in the E-Book of Molly & Flossie in Spirit and Nature Spirits showing that the Spiritual World really is just a breath away from Mankind.

This true and wonderful Love Story told through photographs begins with the laying of a small necklace as a Gift of Gratitude to the Forest where Molly was laid to rest.

Shortly after placing the necklace in the Forest Liz started to receive wonderful photographs there clearly showing the presence of Nature Spirits and both Molly & Flossie in Spirit.

Molly, Flossie & Liz now share this Story of Eternal Love with you to help all peoples' of the world understand that Life truly IS Eternal.

There is a Key to each photograph at the back of the E-Book.






 Exciting new E-Book!

If you are interested in meditation this E-Book will take you on a Journey of Discovery from the beginner level to the advanced level of meditation.

Available as one full 94 page

 E-Book OR in four small


Just go to (Panetta E-Books page)

Photographic imagry is given to aid meditation by photographer

David Hamilton-Smith 



Molly & Flossie's E-Book is  offered free to you (just go to our Contacts page to request a copy).  You can see a short video showing Molly in Spirit by clicking on the YouTube link below. The video opens with a short Chant for Peace written by Liz  depicting Molly in Spirit and then continues into a song dedicated to Chico Mendes and written by Liz called "Knight of the Forest"



Raven's Call - Spiritual Healing, Reiki &


Raven's Call

Bird whose magic is revealing

The hallowed mystery of healing

- smb


The Call of the Raven

"Raven so loud and talkative - are you really talking to me?"

"Listen - and you will hear the message, can't you see?"

"Why, oh why" I ask - "why me"?

"There is healing work to be done - so just let it be

Heal yourself and all those you touch

Inspire others to heal - for they will gain so much".


"Speak from the heart of Divine Love & Wisdom - let it flow

Reiki is the answer to your prayers - this you know ......

You are guided for the highest good of others

You are blessed in your Journey of Love - as you walk with thy brothers".


"Look for me in your dreams - for I will take flight

For you are on the right path - it is shimmering with light

The doors are now open and the old one is closed

Follow your intuition for you will always know where to go.

Sedona is your Heartland - for that is where you met me

Bound in Balance and Wellbeing - tis the Art of Life we breath".


For those who are reading this - come share the Raven's Call

To join Awareness in Love - and the Freedom of its Song

We know you will dare to - because to dare is to breath ....

Breath is our Life - and the Raven's bequeath....... 


                                               .......Lori Fraley of Raven's Call 


As like the Raven, Lori Fraley's desire is to get the word out about services that are available to the community through Reiki Healing.  It is the Life Energy within us ........

Visit Lori and discover what the true meaning of healing is all about -

 working from our Heart Centre.........





 Nature's wonders .......



A Tapestry of Splendour



If you would like a free copy of one of our photographs

of the Scottish countryside please

go to our Contacts page and we will be

pleased to e.mail you one.





This delightful Poem has been sent into us

from a young person living in Scotland UK


"I am a Scottish Wildcat"

(a Poem by "Ellie-Bell")

Have you ever wondered,

Who roams the Highlands in the dead of night?

Stealthily, I move without a sound,

My camourflaged coat keeping me out of sight.


I'm Britain's only remaining large, wild predator,

Less than four hundred of my kind remain.

And do you want to know the reason why?

Human beings are to blame.


My distinct features make me very unique

Though I much resemble a domestic cat

My brown and black striped fur is ever so thick

And the Scottish Highlands are my habitat.


I have eighteen razor sharp, retractable claws,

That help me to prey on small creatures,

I have rotating wrists,

Another of my elegant features.


I reach up to 30 miles per hour when I sprint,

And I am a carnivore.

My night vision is seven times better than a human's

Now you might not have heard that before.


I am quite a peaceful creature,

But if threatened, I guarantee violence.

Because of dangerous predators,

Young kittens play in silence.


You may now wonder who I am,

Now try to imagine that.

I'll tell you who I really am,

I am the Scottish Wildcat.

                           - "Ellie-Bell"


Panetta Healing are very grateful to "Ellie-Bell" for sending us this delightful, thought-provoking and inspiring Poem - the voice of the young ..... are the greatest source of inspiration........ What we create today ....... is their inheritance for tomorrow.



From the Mouth of a Child 

So many children and animals inspire us don't they.... as if they were angels...... read this which was said to Liz of Panetta Healing by a 9yr old girl recently. Liz asked her if she believed in Nature Spirits. She instantly said "yes" - so Liz then asked her why. This is her reply - remember..... she is just 9yrs old.....


Nature Spirits : "when I walk through a forest it moves on its own and you feel it has a Spirit. When I see Nature moving I feel like its alive and dancing for me".


However, she didn't finish there - it just gets better! She then jumped to the Planets - without any prompting from Liz at all - she went on to say :-

"I think the Planets have a Soul inside them". So Liz asked her why she felt like that. She said :-

"The Sun is really determined to reach its goal. (Its strong and powerful she said). The Twisters and big volcanoes are the ones that think of themselves and are self-centered. (Her words - not Liz). The cold ones are like the soft and caring ones. I then asked her what she meant by this and she explained about cold - "cold - ice - but if you hold ice in your hands it then melts in your hand and becomes soft - like people can be soft and caring".

(The little girl asked this to be submitted in the name of "Analysa" ).

Pretty mind-blowing coming from a 9yr old eh.....






This wonderful and timely message has been sent to Panetta Healing by Inner Whispers at

a New Message from Veronica  

 Planetary Healing

The linear moment is upon all of you. It is time to reconnect to your soulful energy. The environment where all participate needs the healing vibration that dwells within you.

Of course there are dramas to evolve but the space that allows participation needs balance as well.

Most of you embark daily upon evolution. Others periodically embrace the opportunity. Wherever you are it is time to blend energetically with the plane that allows you to do so!

Take a moment each day to willfully engage the vibration of the Earth. Feel compassion for its sacrifices. Know that by enduring the difficulties it provides a stage to play out your dramas. A better friend no one could have. So therefore with focus give back so that it may continue the process.

A random universal opportunity awaits those who blend their energy towards the Earth. A most giving solid entity, who needs a return of the nurturing. 

Put yourself in alignment with the fragrant delivery of its charms.  Return the favour with your energy to bring balance and harmony.

This exchange will only empower all who participate. Be the giver. Be the healer. Be you. One with the Planet and yourself. Your role is not insignificant! 

It's time!"  





A new Theme on Debt.....

Never once did the Sun say to the Earth

"You owe me".......

Look what love like that could do.....

It would surely light up all the Earth.....


                    (Hafiz : 12th century). 















Latest Feature March 2016. This beautiful horse is called Rose. Sadly Rose passed away in 2015 and her friend Judith has written a beautiful Poem in memory of Rose. To read it just go to our Features page by clicking this link. 



 Liz of Panetta Healing

with her companion


Photographer : Liz Cole



“Daisy” is named after the beautiful little flower

 Bellis Perennis –Daisy.


      The homeopathic link with Bellis Perennis :-

As the Daisy flower itself is trodden on – yet somehow always seems to be able to rise again to share its beauty with us – so “Daisy” the waif and stray has risen from her humble street life to become the beautiful and loving companion of Liz at Panetta Healing.    

(Daisy is a “rescue” dog from the Edinburgh Dog & Cat Home)




A Poem from Daisy

My name is Daisy and I love to run free

I roll in the sand – and swim in the sea.

My life’s full of purpose now that I have a good home

And a Mistress who loves me – I’m never alone.


A wandering waif are my days of the past

Wandering alone with no home of my own

But Life now has meaning – a purpose for me

As I run, I play, and swim in the sea. 

My Mistress and I – we are two – but as One.....

We share walks each morning as we rise with the Sun

My Life now has Purpose for all to now see

My Purpose? – to take part in Life’s Mysteries!


I wake each morning to the Mysteries of Life

As each day brings with it a new scent of delight 

I bring Love, Light & Laughter to all that I meet

And my joyful reward is a Smile and a Pat!












A Tribute to a very Great Friend 

A greater companion the world has not known

So loyal, so loving, yet kind and so strong.

A Paw of Great Kindness she offers to all

The young, the old, the great and the small.


A Paw of Great Friendship, with eyes filled with love

Your heart cannot fail to be filled with her love.

She inspires all in kindness, in Deed and as in Word,

She asks for so little - just kindness and love.


Her Wisdom is Mighty, yet simple and pure,

To first seek your heart - and let it be true.

For what comes from our heart is the Soul of our Life

Our Soul is our meaning and purpose in Life.


Molly taught me these things and asked me to share,

She said all life has purpose, and much fruit will it bear.

Just follow your heart and let it be true,

Its Molly's way - and can be ours, too........

                                (Liz of Panetta Healing)  






 Can you spot the little ducklings on the water here?

Liz of Panetta Healing watched these wonderful little creatures swimming in the sea with their parents. It was an amazing sight of bravery as the rough sea repeatedly washed over them.  

It was a very humbling experience to witness such wonderful creatures so at ease with what Nature had provided for them..... 


Perhaps the bravery and "at one with Nature theme" they displayed inspires you to write a poem or short story about them?  



Below are two wonderful poems generously donated by Mary W of USA - inspired to write them by the photograph above of the ducklings.


I Envy You!

Little ducklings - brave and wild

Momma - Papa - understanding how

You must be pushed, you must be tossed

You must be thrown off your course. 


Little ducklings - brave and wild

Not enough sense - you can drown

Blubber, flubber make you float

Yes - you can sink like a boat.


Little Ducklings - brave and mild

I envy you - wish I were a child.

Protected and pushed, so you can achieve

Momentum to move with every breeze.


Its fun for you now, no worries or cares

Papa's near if you despair.

Winds howl! Waves beat

Momma's there without retreat.


Little Ducklings - I envy you

Oh such freedom

Lessons so few

Simple life, without a care

Bouncing you, everywhere.


Waves high - barrowing in

Throwing far - upward wind

Upward, upward quacking strong

Down stroke, upstroke - its no joke

Little Ducklings - and there's the folks!


Little Ducklings brave and wild

Are lessons so simple?

Are you really that brave?

Please show me how to be tossed and thrown about

Come up strong and not wipeout.


Little Ducklings brave and wild

I envy your freedom

In this vast Kingdom

Being free - just to be.


Little Ducklings, brave and wild

Do it again - show me how

To be free swim bravely!



 Simple Lessons of Life

(2nd version : without envy!)


Papa Duck brave and strong

Years of facing roaring waves

Birds of prey, could end your day.


Mama Duck armor Queen

Protective fighter in any scene

Quack - quack - means dive

Quack - quack - quack means swim

Feel the current, feel the wind.


Listen babies we love you so

Water's our friends, but things can go wrong.


It's fun to be thrown with the wave

Just be careful, so you'll be saved

To swim another day.


Baby ducklings, listen to me

Stop fighting the current, relax with the wave

This is no time to show you're brave!


When the current's strong

Relax in its grip

Current relaxes swim life a ship.


Full speed ahead, let's have some fun

Life's so simple

Can't determine our run!


Unnecesssary chances

While having fun

You better watch all around

Or you'll be DONE!


Know your territory,


Ducklings three,



Up - down, left - right

Nothing by us, far from sight.


Waves are dangerous

But they're also FUN

They are our friends

And can help us run.


Move from predators with force

Travel fast

So we'll last!


Another day to be FREE

To Play

With you three!



Quack - quack - quack - quack - quack

Song of the Soul!


Swim - Dive

Catch that fish.

Great to be ALIVE!

Mackerels' our dish!


(Panetta Healing would like to thank Mary W of USA for donating these delightful poems on behalf of ducks everywhere!).








  To read more poems

please go to our

"Poems of Adulthood" page

by clicking on this link  









This delightful poem has been sent to us by "Nanna Hedgehog" for us all to share :-

My Rhododendron World

(Memories of Sandringham, Norfolk, UK)

Sleeping so softly, awakening rebirth

Your beauty unfolds on Mother's Good Earth.

Rhododendron of Beauty come once again

In May and June when you doth reign.









Bird on the Wing

Bird on the Wing, flying so free

Up in the sky- soaring so high.

Truly at One, as with the Sun

Trusting Life's Path with ease.


Scorched by the fabric created by man

We box ourselves in - dare not make a stand.

Yet just a short distance the Birds on the Wing 

Hover around us - their Spirit so free.........


                      (Panetta Healing)



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